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Summer Sail: Get two for free!


Yes, you heard it right! Visiting super yachts, yachts, and small vessels can now enjoy two Kiwi summers without paying Customs charges, and it’s expected that more of the international cruising fraternity will sail in to grab the offer. 

Visiting vessels are granted a temporary import entry (TIE) to exempt owners from paying Customs charges – as long as the owner is an overseas resident, the vessel isn’t used commercially or sold, and depart on time. The automatic entry period has now increased from 12 to 24 months.

Paul Campbell, Customs' Group Manager Border Operations, says, already well over 600 yachts sail across the globe to make the most of our beautiful country and enjoy a great Kiwi summer. The change makes us an even more attractive destination.

Last year, around 120 yacht owners requested an extension to their entry period – whether for tourism or to get vessel refit and repairs carried out by our highly reputable marine services industry.

“As finding out about Customs requirements is often the first thing vessel owners do, we want to make it as simple as possible. Now they don’t have to deal with paperwork if they want to stay longer. Whatever the reason, the opportunities are endless,” Paul says.

“This small change allows maritime visitors to remain for two summers to enjoy our magnificent coasts and attractions, and world-renowned hospitality and services. It’s a fantastic deal for everyone. 

“Besides bonus time for visitors, this also supports our economy and ensures we’re on an equal footing with other international marine competitors. We’re pleased to have worked closely with the NZ Marine Industry Association to make it all happen,” he says.

Peter Busfield, executive director of NZ Marine, says they aim to double the industry’s export earnings over the next six years, and regions throughout New Zealand stand to gain an economic boost from additional numbers of visiting yachts. 

“This makes New Zealand as a destination for visiting super yachts and cruising craft much more appealing, especially those based in the Mediterranean and the United States, which will now have greater flexibility to plan the long and exciting journey down-under.”

The process and criteria for visiting vessels remain same. Find out more about the requirements for yachts and small craft arriving in New Zealand.

Those who’ve arrived in New Zealand after July this year haven’t missed out on the offer. They can apply for an extension by sending their vessel and entry details to