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Customs in Court

Customs in Court

NZ Customs v Ailong Weng & Kai Yuan 36J Ltd

On 14 February 2015, Kai Yuan 365 Ltd imported a shipment from China that was examined by Customs and found to contain 90 stun guns disguised as torches, 891 throwing knives in sets of three, 198 throwing knives in sets of two, and 1,400 belts with knuckle duster buckles.

The size of the shipment revealed the weapons were intended for further sale. A search warrant was conducted in April, which found a large amount of offensive weapons. Business owner, Ailong Weng, was subsequently arrested and Kai Yuan 365 Ltd was also jointly charged. 

Weng plead guilty to two charges of unlawfully importing offensive weapons and was sentenced to a $7,000 fine.

Kai Yuan 365 Ltd had previously been prosecuted by Customs for importing offensive weapons and has had multiple offensive weapons seized over the last ten years.   

Operation Pickup

On 9 April 2015, 46 year old Bing Sun Cheung arrived in Auckland Airport from Hong Kong, where a search by Customs Officers revealed that he had approximately 2kgs of methamphetamine strapped around his waist.

Cheung was arrested and charged with the importation and possession for supply of methamphetamine and appeared in court on 8 May 2015.  He pled guilty to the charges and was remanded in custody until 13 July 2015, when he was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.