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“Where’s my parcel?” video released

Screen grab of the new video featuring Senior Customs Officer, Dave, explaining why parcels get 'held for clearance'.

“Where’s my parcel?” video released

Customs recently released an informative new video — “Where’s my parcel?” that aims to help people understand why parcels are ‘held for clearance’ and what they can do to clear their parcels.

The most common queries Customs receives through its national contact centre and social media channels are about parcels.  

The video, produced in cooperation with New Zealand Post and the Ministry for Primary (MPI) Industries also identifies illegal items that Customs prevents from entering New Zealand such as weapons, illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, medications, and fakes. It also describes items that MPI look for such as food items, animals/bugs, and other biosecurity items.

The video talks about the most common reason parcels are ‘held for clearance’ – which is when there are charges such as GST and duty to be paid on the items. It encourages people to use Customs’ What’s My Duty? estimator to help get an idea of how much duty and/or GST they may need to pay on items purchased overseas.

It also tells customers what information they need to provide Customs such as an invoice and proof of payment when following up on the clearance of their parcels.

This is the first of three planned videos to aimed at giving customers a better understanding of the mail process, including “How to pay your Customs fees” and “How duty is calculated.” 

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